9Club Exclusive Roulette PlayTech Newtown Casino

9Club Exclusive Roulette PlayTech Newtown Casino

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9Club use standard European Roulette rules.

Exclusive Roulette is played with a live dealer and a real Roulette table.

9Club Exclusive Roulette Game

9Club Exclusive Roulette Game

You have a limited amount of time from the moment a round is started to place a bet.

Then the next spin is made and if your bet wins, you receive your winnings.

You can skip a turn by simply not placing any bets on the table. When finished placing your bets, click the Confirm bets button.

There is probably a game round in progress at the moment you enter.

Please wait until the current game round is finished. You can then place your bets.

9Club Exclusive Roulette PlayTech Newtown Casino

9Club Exclusive Roulette PlayTech Newtown Casino

Click on a chip of desired value to select it.

Then click on any bet area on the table to place your bet there (see European Roulette Rules about betting options).

Every click on the area adds one chip to the bet.

Select another chip if you wish to increase the bet by some other amount.

Holding down the Shift key and clicking on the area removes one chip.

You can place several chips into several areas at the same time.


9Club Cancelled Game

A game round can be cancelled due to complications that may occur and disrupt the game session. In this case, all the players currently at the table will be notified of this and all the players’ bets will be returned to their accounts. The game round will be marked as XXX in the history slider.

9Club partner iPT (PlayTech / Newtown casino) Exclusive Roulette betting Buttons:

The middle section of the lower button bar contains all the buttons required to play the game:

Bet size Click on the chips to select the size of your bet.
Clear Clear the table of your bets.
Rebet Place the same bets as in the previous round.
Double The Rebet button changes to Double after you have placed your first bets for the round. Clicking this button doubles all the bets currently on the table as long as table limits permit.
Confirm Click here when you have placed all your bets to confirm your bets – without confirmation your bets do not count. When the auto confimed bets feature is enabled, the Confirm button does not appear.
My Bets Click to open the My Bets menu.
Special bets Opens the Neighbor Bets panel.



9Club withdrawals safe and fast, you can use the Mobile Betting! http://club9.ibet5888.com

*For more information please contact 9Club 24H Customer Service.

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