What is a bonus 9club casino malaysia?

What is a bonus 9club casino malaysia?

9club casino gamblers often provide free bus, free nights, of course, like free buffet service, the purpose is to pull gamblers. Online casino is more generous in this regard, one of the reasons is that online casino in spending on much smaller than the land casino, you can put more money in the bonus, the other is the 9club online casino client is easy to drain, you jump from one casino to another casino just little things, knock on the keyboard on it. So online casinos in order to attract customers and retain them, in the upper and lower dividend original capital.

9club casino Fortune International

9Club promotion aimed at pulling gamblers, so for old and new customers are different.

One is the new customer bonus, new customer bonus is divided into two types:

(1) free chips, as long as you register after the casino, the casino will send you some free chips, usually $ 30 or less;

(2) for the first time to buy chips bonus, this one of the most common 9club casino bonus based on how much you decide to buy you the first time how much chips. For example, Recommended championship casino has a 100% bonus of new customers, the first time you buy a $ 100 chip, it will give you an extra $ 100 in chips.

In addition to new customer bonus, casino and some old customers have bonus offers, usually of money chips you buy 10% -30%.

9club casino bonus is not white to

When you get a bonus, the casino generally requires you bet amount (Wager Requirement) exceeds a certain level before you can cash. Generally you are saving money bet amount plus a multiple of the number of bonus sum. For example, you in a 9club casino of their registration as a new customer, then you deposit $ 100, you can immediately receive $ 100 bonus on the account. Then you have a total of $ 200. The casino and wagering requirements are 10 times the bonus, you get a $ 100 bonus, then your bet amount must be more than 1,000 dollars.

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