Notice before online betting 9club Casino

Notice before online betting 9club Casino

9club Casino Download software

Most 9club Casino gambling must first download the software before it can play games, it is totally free. But now the casino will also offer free download of 9club online casino FLASH version, but the game will be less than the download version, playability is also no download version is good, I recommend the download version.

install 9club Casino software

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After 9club Casino downloading, you must install it on your computer, before they can start the game. First, find the 9Club promotion where the software file, double-click the icon of the software, the software will automatically start the installation, you have to perform according to the instructions on the screen.

registered 9club Casino

After installing the software, whether you’re going to really gamble or want to try a 9club Casino free game (virtual no real money, of course, not winning) you must first register, execute the casino software will let you fill it with your name, general information such as address and contact information, and then let you choose your customer name and password. Users can use this user name and password to the online casino to play, after registration, some bookmakers have private withdrawals dedicated PIN number to E_mail way sent to your mailbox.

9club Casino deposit

Most online gambling sites support the yuan, and support domestic online banking instant deposits arrival, followed by remittances can also be used, when set up an account and deposit money, you can use this 9club Casino cash account within the bet.

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