9club Casino does not play the same IP

9club Casino does not play the same IP

What is the 9club Casino same IP?

Play 9club Casino online gambling often students may often encounter such a situation, when applying for dividends was told the same IP phenomenon bookmakers refused 9club Casino, then this time has deposits, regret too late, in order to prevent this from happening, I summarized my experience of dealing with several bookmakers, for everyone to share.

First, select the 9club online casino, select the network in Malaysia 9club Casino when it is best, not prone to IP confusion, particularly telecommunications relatively mature, generally will not go wrong. Other broadband prone you are in the city itself to go abroad. Also, do not use a proxy.

How to prevent the 9club Casino same IP?

The second step, after a good user application, do not rush to deposit, talk to your customer service consulting to see if there is the same IP network IP phenomenon, the first clear, or when the customer just to say you have no way inappropriate, and most good to chat screenshots saved after an affirmative before deposit.

The third step is not applied for promotions before, do not easily use wireless communications products visit the Web site, so it is prone to the same IP phenomenon, because many of them are a 9club Casino mobile phone network address.

Note: the first landing place hungry must be the best place in private, not in public places such as Internet cafes and so on.

Summary: Long-term gamblers receive various bonuses to pay attention to these issues, with the IP is to prevent bookmakers bonus hunters to cash in the bonus limit set, a small number of small companies are also grounds for refusing this 9Club promotion, so to master certain skills it is still very important.

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